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Объявление с вакансией № 1-21392969 на должность Senior Consultant (Strategy & Operations Group) в городе (регионе) Киев

Вакансия: Senior Consultant (Strategy & Operations Group)

Город, регион: Киев (населённый пункт) // Смотрите другие вакансии в городе (регионе) Киев

Компания: Deloitte Ukraine (организация, фирма, ИП);

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Зарплата: по договорённости;

Тип занятости:
Полная занятость

График работы:
полный день

Требования к работнику:

Опыт работы:
3–6 лет


Дополнительные требования:
не указаны

Дополнительное описание вакансии:
Deloitte is seeking a Senior Consultant to join the Strategy & Operations Group within the Consulting department at the Kyiv office. If a path doesn’t exist, create your own. Deloitte is one of the leading international professional services firms that offers audit, consulting, corporate finance, enterprise risk, and tax and legal services. Our vision and strategy, developed in collaboration with leadership and member firm partners from around the world, focuses on working together As One across geographic, functional, and business borders to deliver excellence in all of the services provided by the member firms. Strategy services are defined in the following way like Strategic goal definition, Comprehensive Strategy development, Business Unit Strategy, Corporate and Investment Strategy, Business and Shareholder strategy reconciliation, Public Sector Strategy. As part of this team, you will work with high-profile private, multinationals and public companies in a variety of industry sectors. You will have the opportunity and support to take on responsibility early on, making a real contribution from day one. The role will involve: To be responsible for aggregating information from a variety of sources and perform a lot of ad hoc analysis in Excel; To supervise the wrapping of information up in a nice bow with good spacing, consistent font sizing, and a good color palette in PowerPoint; To manage the collection of an enormous amount of information, structure it into a comprehensible format, distill it to the actually insightful takeaways, and communicate it to the right person at the right time in the right way; To support the facilitation of strategy sessions with the help of senior team members; To interview personnel and conduct on-site observations to determine the methods, equipment, and personnel that will be needed; To lead the analysis of financial and other data, including revenue, expenditure, and employment reports as well as business/operational model To develop solutions or alternative practices; To provide a recommendation re new systems, procedures, or organizational changes; To present recommendations to senior team members through presentations or written report. To be considered you should possess: Professional Experience: Total professional experience of 4+ years; Work experience in Big 4 will be a preference; Experience in Strategy Consulting will be a strong advantage (the most preferable would be an experience within Management Consulting or Investment companies); Working experience with ministries, national institutions and NGOs is an asset; Previous experience/familiarity with international donors or with projects, financed by international donor organizations is an asset. Education: (Professional/Certification): Higher education (Business/Economics/Finance); Professional certification CFA/ACCA would be a preference. Skills: Excellent communication skills; Ability to analyze complex problems, interpret operational needs and develop integrated, creative solutions; Project management skills: attention to detail, careful planning, tight control over multiple workstreams, participants, and deadlines, and the ability to make and change/adapt decisions quickly; Fluent English/ Ukrainian/Russian is required. Personal qualities and values: Multitasking and ability to handle stress; Passion to serve the client, over-deliver and, whenever needed, go the extra mile; Ultimate quality standards and strong work ethics; Uncompromised integrity, ethical behavior, open mind, and positive attitude. We offer: Insurance coverage: life, travel and health; Excellent opportunity for professional and personal development; Access to cutting-edge, worldwide business knowledge; Interesting and diversified projects; Cozy office space for teamwork; Flexible working regime; Extensive training in both core competencies and soft skills; The friendly and energetic environment. Corporate citizenship At Deloitte, we believe in the importance of leadership at all levels. We expect our people to embrace and live by our purpose by challenging themselves to identify issues that are most important for our clients, our people, and for society, and make an impact that matters. Deloitte is led by a purpose: to make an impact that matters. Every day, Deloitte people are making a real impact in the places they live and work. We pride ourselves on doing not only what is good for clients, but also what is good for our people and the communities in which we live and work—always striving to be an organization that is held up as a role model in terms of quality, integrity, and positive change. At Deloitte, we are completely committed to attracting and retaining professional and ambitious talent and as such we are absolutely dedicated to investing in and helping our people to excel. The fact is we believe building strong relationships with our people is as important to the success of our business as building strong relationships with clients. We are flexible in our approach and are committed to changing, adapting and improving both internally and with regard to the services we offer our clients. As a result, we look for candidates who are not only skilled professionals in their field, but who can also partner with us - candidates who are able to adapt, change and drive this exciting improvement forward with us. We are dedicated to giving you all the tools available to fulfill your potential and we are able to offer you our 100 percent commitment as your career partner for the journey. Our strategy and our aspiration are to be the undisputed leader in professional services. One of Deloitte’s key business leadership priorities is to attain a globally uniform level of quality in each of our core services. Development of the Talent Standards is a global initiative, which aims to define and activate a consistent standard for talent around the world for each of our global core services and service lines, and across all of our Member Firms. Please follow the link to learn more about the Global Talent Standards. At Deloitte, we know that great people make a great organization. We value our people and offer employees a broad range of benefits. Learn more about what working at Deloitte can mean for you. We thank all applicants in advance for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Please note that you will be asked to provide your passport details in order to complete the application process. Please, indicate your salary expectations in response to our position.

Вакансия № 1-21392969 на должность Senior Consultant (Strategy & Operations Group) в городе (регионе) Киев относится к сфере деятельности: "Консультирование" » "Стратегия"

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